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VAT & Tax Loans

Protect your working capital by repaying your VAT over an extended period

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Relieve cashflow pressure

A VAT or tax loan is a short term loan to help manage your liability to HMRC.

 In a perfect world you would set aside VAT from every transaction however we know that we live in the real world and from time to time VAT monies get tied up in everyday activities leaving you short when you VAT or tax is due. This doesn’t mean you are not profitable, but It may be a sign that you cashflow is under pressure. A VAT or tax loan is deigned to repay HMRC in full on the due date and allow you some extra time to repay the lender.

VAT & Tax Loan FAQs

How long can I borrow for?

VAT loans are typically for 3 months. We can assist with longer term facilities however the idea is that the loan is repaid ready for the next VAT quarter. Longer term facilities are usually reserved for exceptional VAT quarters where a one-off transaction may have caused the amount of fall due.

Tax loans can be arranged for 12 months. We can arrange for longer if there has been an exceptional profit that year.

Will I need to give security?

Yes. Depending on the size of the facility you will at least need to provide a personal guarantee. In some instances, you may need to provide tangible security, but this is rare as the loan is for a short period. 

Why work with us?

VAT funding is very specialist and there are not many lenders that will provide the facility. We will help you understand what is needed and put your proposal together. The need to fund your VAT mare be a sign that there are other financial pressures in the business. We’ll speak with you and help you to understand whether this is a blip or there is a longer term solution needed, making sure we address your immediate concern as a priority. Once we have an understanding of your requirements, we can quickly secure indicative terms as HMRC is rarely happy to wait!

Simplifying access to finance

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