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Bridging Loans

Unlock a properties potential with short term funding.

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A bridging loan is a short term borrowing solution to typically used for property transactions but can also be used to fund business growth.

Bridging loans are often used for two main reasons:
1. The property that is being purchase is not mortgageable
2. Speed – bridging is significantly faster than arranging a mortgage therefore is good where time is limited i.e. auction purchase, unexpected bill.

Bridging Loans FAQs

How long can I borrow for?

The term will depend on the reason for borrowing. There are instances where this can be as long as 3 years with some lenders. Typically bridging is capped at 18 months with most terms being 12 months.

Will I need to give security?

Yes, the lender will want either a first or second charge over the property.

How much can I borrow?

Bridging is an LTV product. What does that mean? Basically you can borrow up to a the max LTV (loan to value) of a property. Where this isn’t enough and you have additional property you could offer as security you may be able to borrow up to the combined maximum LTV. You should always make sure that you can repay you facility by the end of the term as there is no or little affordability assessment on bridging products.

Why work with us?

The bridging market is growing rapidly with new lenders entering the market almost daily. This can be confusing as each lender tries to position themselves slightly differently to attract your business. We understand what bridging is all about and the nuances that each bridge lender will have when promoting themselves. Having developed a string and trusted panel of lenders we are well positioned to act quickly and secure the best deal for your unique circumstances. We thrive on the complex, having had some significant success with ‘quirky’ assets and company structures. If you are looking for short term funding for any reason, we’re likely to have a lender that can help.

Simplifying access to finance

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