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Bed Debt Protection

Protect yourself against your clients not being able to pay

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Bad debt protection is an insurance policy that allows you to protect against the failure of your clients.

You do the best you can to grow your business, things are going well and one of your major clients becomes insolvent and can’t pay what they owe you. How does that impact your business? Would you be able to trade through a large bad debt? If the answer to this is no, then you need to consider insuring against it.

How does it work?

The insurance provider will assess your clients based on several sources of data and will provide a limit upon which they will insure against a bad debt. If you operate within the terms of the policy and within the limit, if you client becomes insolvent and is not able to fulfil their obligation to you then the insurance policy steps in.

We have partnered with Euler Hermes to provide you with world leading support should you need it. 

Why not get a complementary report which will assess your current risk/exposure based on your existing clients. It’s extremely easy. Just following click the link: and follow the instructions. Together Euler Hermes and Yumo will do the rest

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