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Complex Portfolios

Residential, mixed use and commercial needn’t be complicated.

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A complex portfolio is a property portfolio that has more than 10 properties.

There are further challenges around borrowing once the portfolio hits a certain size. It also becomes complex if you have a mix of commercial, mixed use, HMO etc in it. A portfolio loan is a loan which uses multiple property as security however there is only one loan amount and monthly repayment, simplifying the financial management of the portfolio.

Complex Portolios FAQs

How long can I borrow for?

You can borrow up to 40 years however there are some things to consider. If the property is being purchased in an individual’s name, the lending will need to be repaid by a certain age; often by age 80-85. If the property is being purchased within a limited company, age is less of a restriction.

How much can I borrow?

The amount you can borrow will be capped by either the max LTV for the property type or the rental income that will service the loan.

Can I have interest only?

Yes, there are lender that offer interest only. We do have to give more consideration to how you intend to repay any loan which may determine whether interest only is appropriate or not.

Why work with us?

We take the time to understand what you objectives are and what the challenges are within the portfolio. Whether its growth, consolidation or downsizing, we have a solution to support. With years of experience we know what a lender will be looking for so we can position the portfolio in the best possible way. If there are any challenges within any proposal we are able to use our strong relationships to speak with lenders on an informal basis to make sure the application has the best possible chance for success. Let us do the leg work so you can concentrate on managing your portfolio.

Simplifying access to finance

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