Expand your service offering by partnering with us

At Yumo we work well with a large number of professions, complimenting the services they already provide. We can either take over the relationship for the particular requirement or work alongside you to form a ‘power team’ relationship to help the client secure the outcome they are after, whichever way you prefer, it all good with us. 

Professions that we work well with are:

  • Independent
  • Finance Advisors
  • Mortgage Brokers
  • Solicitors
  • Accountants
  • Business
  • Mentor/consultants
  • Insolvency Practitioners

Why work with us?

We are acutely aware that your referral to anyone else is an extension of your relationship with your client, which is why we make sure that the service your client receives is 1st class every time. 
You can also have 100% trust that we know what we are doing. With many year’s experience in finance, looking after hundreds of businesses and property developers, we’ve probably come across it before. 
Solution driven support for your clients. There’s often more than one solution to a scenario so we’ll explore them all and talk around which one is the best fit.
Regardless of whether you want to hand the client over to us or be an integral part of the conversation we will always keep you up to date on progress. Meaning no more phone calls for updates as we’ll update you as each of the key stages for the transaction have been reached, exactly the same time as we inform the client.
Also, as a thank you for working with us, we’ll also talk to you about remuneration for any successful cases that are referred to us.