Case Studies

Let’s give you some real world examples of how we’ve helped our clients.

Finance Type: Development Finance

Facility Amount: £1,200,000

Requirement: Land Purchase & build costs

The client is a local developer with some experience in building their own homes but this particular scheme was a step up from previous developments. The client needed assistance in the land purchase on a site that had significant interest from larger developers. We were able to support the client in completing the purchase and then provide support on the build costs to complete phase one on of the build of 19 executive homes whilst also managing a conversion of a grade 2 listed building on the site.

Finance Type: Pensions Mortgage

Facility Amount: £300,000

Requirement: Purchase of a public house

The client already operated a successful haulage business however their dream has always been to own and operate a public house and restaurant businesses. They came across their ideal property and wanted to purchase it, however the business didn’t keep sufficient financial information to support the purchase. 
Working with an Independent Financial Advisor who introduced us to the client we were able to leverage their pensions and source a lender that would lend to both the pension and take a more holistic approach to the affordability assessment. As a result we were able to complete the purchase and help the client realise a lifelong ambition.

Finance Type: Overdraft

Facility Amount: £75,000


We were approached by a construction business to increase their working capital facilities as they continued to grow. They had already had conversations with their bank however they were non responsive to the request for help. Initially the client required £50k in addition to the existing overdraft provided by their bank of £50k to support the work and new business they were winning. We were able to arrange the overdraft for the client without disturbing the existing facility and securing it using only personal guarantees.

The facility was working very well for the client however we were contact by their mortgage advisor who was having a problem releasing equity from their investment properties. The properties had a charge on them for the overdraft facility provided by their bank. Knowing the bank and their criteria for taking security we were able to increase the secondary overdraft facility by a further £25k and reduce the primary one by the same amount and request that the charges over the property be released, which they did. This meant the client could continue to invest in property whilst not impacting his working capital requirements

Finance Type: Invoice Finance

Facility Amount: £150,000

Requirement: Fund the purchase of more stock

Working with a business that imports goods from China, they were experiencing high growth which was putting pressure on the businesses working capital and subsequently slowing down their progress. They had done extremely well to grow the business over the last 3 years only using the credit terms they had negotiated with their suppliers, however their needs outgrew what the supplier could provide. We spent time understanding the client’s business in detail and what they wanted from a facility, what their concerns were, and made sure they fully understood how any facility would work.

After researching the market we established a ‘best fit’ for the client, identifying a lender that satisfied their priorities on pricing, flexibility and advance rates. With the facility in place they were able to quickly grow the business with the prospect of winning and servicing new clients at a quicker rate which has strengthened the company. This has been even more apparent during the Covid 19 pandemic as they have been able to navigate the crisis with relative ease due to their financial strength.

Finance Type: Asset Finance

Facility Amount: £750,000

Requirement: Open a new climbing centre

We were introduced to a client via a solicitor who was advising the business on the acquisition of a new site for their indoor climbing business. The business was growing successfully but needed to finance the purchase of the climbing wall and associated equipment. We sourced the funding via a high street bank as the business was strong however there were delays in drawing the facilities. As a result we utilised our HNW network to ‘bridge’ the funding requirement ensuring that the project was completed on time and within budget. Needless to say, the client was extremely pleased with the support provided.

Finance Type: Private Investment – HNW network

Facility Amount: £250,000

Requirement: Property Purchase

We were approached by a solicitor to assist their client in the acquisition of a new property in South East England. The property was an ‘under market value’ transaction with our client wanting to undertake a heavy refurbishment of the property and promote it as a serviced accommodation unit.

The client was keen to borrow against the market value which would mean they needed to contribute less to the overall transaction however there were no bridging lenders that would take this stance. We approached our HNW network to see if we could fund the purchase using their funds as the client was very confident that, post works, the property value would increase substantially. We arranged for an independent valuation to be undertaken and arranged for a private loan to support the purchase.

Once the client secured the property they set about converting it to serviced accommodation. On completion we arrange the refinance on to a mortgage against the increased value.

Since the acquisition the property has enjoyed an occupancy rate over 85% and the client is working on similar transactions to grow their portfolio.