Property and Land Due Diligence

Why spend 6 months doing something you can do in 6 weeks?

DCW Insights – Property and Land Due Diligence

At Yumo we are always looking for partnerships which can enhance our client’s experience. We see many development proposals of varying quality so when we met with the founder of DCW Insights and saw the power of the platform it makes perfect sense to partner with them and help our developer community undertake high quality due diligence in a fraction of the time it normally takes.

DCW Insights is a Digital Platform that helps to dramatically speed up due diligence and the filter process for developers purchasing and identifying land. The platform offers a completely new approach to buying land so you can automate your residential and commercial purchase due diligence.

 Key Features of the platform are:

  • Identify sites that are worth pursuing quicker
  • Manage and assess projects in detail on the go
  • Create financial metrics for land value and the cost to build
  • Create Property Templates, that can generate schedules valued on local data.
  • Track Land Purchase, Preliminary and Build Costs based on a percentage or per unit.
  • Instant local planning information based on your project data
  • Get detailed demographics zoomed to a UK Postcode
  • Polygon Map Tool, allowing you to mark the building site.
  • With access to UK EPC data, sourcing building type comparables, rental info, and details on the nearest infostructure.
  • Packed with a set of tools; the ability to create accommodation schedules and track returns on GDV, detailed breakdowns and so much more.