Business & Property Insurance

Nobody wants anything bad to happen, but make sure you’re covered if it does.

As your business and property portfolio grows, so too does the risk.

Working with our clients on securing the finance they need is not just about finding the right finance solution, it’s also about making sure the risks associated with the business/development are reduced wherever possible. That’s why we have partnered with the two of the UK’s largest insurance intermediaries.

We have developed strong relationships with two of the UK’s leading insurance intermediaries to make sure that we assist in all aspects of insurance.

If we are working on a property development that has complex insurance and bod needs, we can help. If we are working with you to import goods form overseas and you need to make sure your cargo is insured, we can help.

Insurance of an asset is usually a requirement of the lender. It’s your responsibility to make sure the policy is adequate for its purpose

Here’s some ideas on where we will signpost you on insurances: