About Yumo

If you’re a business or property developer, it’s a constant challenge to find the best finance solutions to fund your growth. Every time you need to fund the next stage of your growth you have to identify what product you need, search through hundreds of lenders, tell your story numerous times and still not know if the final choice is the best solution in the market. This is especially true for if you’re a high growth business or very active in the property market.

One of the main problems is lack of time and expertise in financial products which leads to lost opportunities. Today your best option is to either speak to your bank or speak to a finance broker, but of course, banks have a limited appetite and are slow and many brokers tend to provide products more than solutions. With the current economic climate, the problem will only get worse.
If only there was an easier, better way to secure the right finance. You could accelerate your growth which would lead to you achieving both your personal and business objectives. With 5.8 million small businesses in the UK, there is a clear opportunity to meaningfully impact a huge number of people.

At Yumo we work with the end in mind. We want to understand the overall strategy to make sure that whatever financial products are put in place they are geared towards achieving the end goal, whether that is to have a lifestyle businesses in the countryside or grow an international brand; a couple of investment properties or large scale property developments, we can help.

We get equally frustrated when lenders and other finance professionals use overly complex phrases to explain something that is reasonably straight forward. Even if it isn’t straight forward, why complicate matters by making it sound even more complicated!! We can have those complex conversations with the lender but make sure that our communication with you is simple, clear and that you understand exactly what is happening every step of the way.

Why manage multiple lenders and have multiple conversations when you can have one and get on with working on your business… After all you didn’t get in to business to speak to lenders, you got in to business to take control of your future.